Punch Lines All May Long!

By “Punch Lines” I mean the Bay Area clubs that are oh-so-good to me. Its the beginning of a busy May where I’ll be featuring in Sacramento starting tonight and in San Francisco from the 22nd – 25th.

So if you’re in the East Bay, check me out this week with Dan Soder and Casey Ley. If you are in SF, I’ll be with Barry Rothbart and Colleen Watson . I’m really excited for both of these weeks. Both Colleen and Casey are good friends of mine and its always a fun to work with people you like hanging out with in general. And while I don’t personally know Barry or Dan, they are both funny guys who tweet about sports, which leads me to believe we’ll get along just fine. Then there’s the fact that I’ve got LOTS O NEW JOKES. That’s right, there’s plenty of stuff you haven’t heard.

So yea, that all starts tonight. Other news includes: I edited, audio mixed, sfx’ed, animated, lit, helped shoot, helped direct, helped run live sound, drank lots of coffee for a project that is meant to promote ABC’s “Family Tools” sitcom. This means I’ve got an actual network TV credit as a video editor/animator. Not too bad for just getting back into the game. Hopefully this leads to more editing/animating/production!

Speaking of video: if you go to my YouTube it’s pretty bare. That’s because I took out most of the old content as I plan on updating it with video of this week and the May 22-25th’s sets. It’s time for a refresh.

Finally, my birthday is tomorrow. Don’t worry, you still have time to get me something. I’m easy to shop for. Crumpled dollar bills out of a dirty hand is my favorite thing, so that’ll do.


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