August 22nd – 2015

YO, how about an update on me doing comedy? I’ve been out of the loop for a minute working as an assistant editor on the feature film, Unleashed, but I’m back.

Speaking of which, if you are here because you’re looking for my video editing services, that would be at, which also needs an update.

Anyways, I’m back from the dead on 2 great shows in August. First, there’s the Soma StrEat Comedy and Beer fest, which runs all day long. I perform around 6.

Comedy & Beer

Then I’m off to Doc’s Lab to work with Bob Rubin and Kelly Anneken

So yea – two great shows that I’m very lucky to be on before I go back into my video editing hide-away hole. Come on out and say hello.

SLO Comedy Festival

Fuck I’m the worst. So I’m in the SLO (San Louis Obispo) Comedy Festival which I’m very happy about but I’m such a lazy fuck I’m just posting about it now when my first show is, like, 4 1/2 hours away, I’m sorry that I have been sleeping a lot, but I love my new leg wedge pillow. Come see my shows if you live out there. I’m headlining the 8’oclock show tonight, which I obviously don’t deserve. Ok. Here’s the link.

Nola, Sketchfest

So its been a pretty great last few weeks of 2014. I featured for my good friend Kevin Camia at the Punch Line right before Thanksgiving, did Jason Mack’s Real Live Comedians last week, and had a great time dropping in at the Punch last night after having some pre-show drinks at the soon-to-be closed Empress of China. Did I post any of this stuff to my website beforehand? NOPE. Its how I roll: lazy-as-fuck style. So to change that how about promoting my only New Orleans show of the year, Andrew Polk’s Comedy Beast. December 30th, 8:30pm, the special guests are going to be sick:


comedy beast


Then I’m lucky enough to be back in SF Sketchfest to start off the New Year. I have three great shows that I’m really excited about – SF SKETCHFEST SCHEDULE


Doc’s Lab

So I won’t be on a couple of shows I had intended on doing this month (one I had to cancel, the other was cancelled by the headliner) but – I will be doing some great spots at the new Doc’s Lab in North Beach in September (18th) and October (11th). For those who don’t know, Doc’s Lab is taking over the former space of The Purple Onion, a historic venue for comedy in San Francisco that sadly closed down not too long ago. Make sure to like these guys on Facebook – there’s a lot of awesome comedy being planned for that place.


Sacramento Punch Line July 31 – August 2

I’ll be back in Sacramento this week featuring for Tom Segura and I can’t fucking wait, I haven’t been able to sleep with my backrest pillow with arms because of this. The Punch Line there is the best. Here’s a picture of me thoroughly enjoying myself last year:

Matt at Sac Punch

See you guys at the Arden Fair mall bookstore where I’ll be having my usual pre-show anxiety attacks.

Cynic Cave 2-Year Anniversary Saturday 7/12


If you missed me at the Cynic Cave last night, well, you missed out. It was a great show with great comics and Trevor Hill did a hall-of-fame worthy job of hosting/running it. You’re life could have changed.

Good news – you’ve got a second chance. The Cynic Cave is having their 2-Year Anniversary show on Saturday and I’ll be there for the 8-10pm show. The best part is that this is a marathon/fundraiser for Lost Weekend Video, so you’re ticket goes to keeping the venue alive and the show lasts until 4am (I’ll be in bed by that time, but only because I’m old and lame). Tickets are available here:

Totally Stacked Thursday

I’m on a ridiculously stacked show this Thursday at the Cynic Cave with Dave Thomason, Casey Ley, Scott Capurro and at this point probably some great dead comics coming back to life just to do this gig.

I’ve also got plenty of stuff coming up in the next few weeks including a week in Sacramento. Check out my calendar page, which now uses LaffQ, or as I call it “Richard Kiss doing the Lord’s Work”.


I freelance edit and design motion graphics when I’m not consumed with death anxiety or chronic IBS and sometimes I get to work on some really fun projects. Below is my most recent, a pilot for Travis Irvine’s Overbite Pictures called “Congressdude”. I designed all of the Fox News style graphics that you see at the beginning. Check it out: