From January 2012

Many Happy Returns

Somehow, I found the time to get the website back up and running. The fact that this happened shortly after the New Orleans Saints were knocked out of the playoffs is not at all a coincidence.

Anyways, lots of quality shows the next two weeks. This week I’m with old friend Tim Lee at the Punch Line on Tuesday and Wednesday. This will be the first time I’ve worked with Tim since I convinced him to move to Downtown Los Angeles. I expect either gratitude or a bag of bum feces from Main St.

Tim Lee Shows

After that I’m with older friend Kevin Camia, also at the Punch Line.  This is the second time I’ll have featured with Kevin, the last was in Reno.  Chances are this involves less Craps and Blackjack but arguably the same amount of Filipinos.

Kevin Camia Shows

Finally, despite my laziness, I am appearing in SF Sketchfest on two very good shows.  Really stoked about these two.

Nikki Glaser and Brendon Walsh Shows