No shows at Kell’s this Weekend, other thoughts

I won’t be at Kell’s tonight or Saturday. Turns out there was a scheduling mix up. Kevin Camia will still be there, however, and he is always worth seeing. So you should still go. I may be there anyway. Might even do a short 7 minute set. Just fucking go please. Oh god, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for swearing, it’s just early.

Other things I’m thinking about right now…

Peter David (PAD) had a stroke and I’m devastated. If you don’t know who PAD is, the guy is one of the greatest comic book writers and Star Trek novelists ever. His comics were a huge part of my childhood and are the reason for The Incredible Hulk being my favorite comic book character. I had the pleasure of meeting him, albeit briefly, at a comic book convention several years ago. You would have thought I met Michael Jordan. I was so star struck in front of this bald, be-speckled, overweight man that I could hardly get the words out to tell him how much his work meant to me. His wife is updating his blog with his progress and, thankfully, his mental capacity appears to have been spared. But his body hasn’t been as fortunate, and the full extent of the damage hasn’t been revealed. To follow what is happening to PAD go to his blog at If you want to discover his writing, I encourage you to read his 12-year run on The Incredible Hulk, starting in 1987. Yes, I have every issue. No, you can’t borrow them.

In happier news, fuck the SEC

Louisville beat Florida in the Sugar Bowl and I couldn’t be happier. You’d think watching LSU lose their bowl game would be sweeter but I met many Louisville fans while in New Orleans last week and they were class acts. They outnumbered the Florida fans in town, btw, which adds to my suspicion that the SEC and their fans have become complacent in their recent domination. And I stress “recent”. LSU fans behave as if they and the rest of the SEC have ruled NCAA football forever. I remember the 2004 National Championship, and I remember that it had been 50 years since LSU won that shit. It’s been 10 years of SEC running the table, and its (thankfully) leveling out. Yes, the defenses are great but the ground-and-pound field goal party garbage is fucking boring and unwatchable. Remember the arduous Bama/LSU championship? Fucking yuck. You see, SEC fans don’t understand that that is the reason USC and Oregon and Stanford get massive tv coverage despite SEC teams being (until this year) superior. It’s because the offenses are awesome and entertaining to watch. Take your three-and-outs and field goals and shove them up your ass, SEC. Congrats to Louisville and good luck to Notre Dame.
as of this writing SEC is 3-3 in bowl games this year

Ok, time for work. Thanks for reading.

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