We’re all Good Here

Thanks to Red Scott for the set at Muphy’s Pub last night. Going to stop by 50 Mason tonight and then I’m on the showcase at the Punch Line this Sunday.

Next week is more music-centric. My band Run Amok is playing at SUBMission in San Francisco on Thursday the 17. Then we are recording a new tune with our favorite producer Steve Murr on Saturday. I’ll be back to telling dick jokes the following week.

I just found out Petaluma has a Batman. Yea. Some guy roams around its tiny, old-timey downtown with a Batman mask and what appears to be a black t-shirt and dickies. This makes me think of a couple of things. 1: I can’t overstate how glad I am I’m in a relationship. I could easily be San Francisco’s Batman, patrolling the Mission District and getting raped on occasion. But I’ve got a lady to spend time with. 2: I can’t stop laughing at the possibility of a follow up news report on this guy that announces he’s dead. Like, maybe he’d try to stop a real crime like a robbery and he gets shot. The image on the news is some dipshit in a costume crumbled on the ground wearing a Halloween mask. God, something might be wrong with me but I think that’s the funniest shit ever. I mean, I hope nothing bad actually happens to this guy. But fuck me, that would be a riot.

Time to call my picks for football this weekend.

Seattle over Atlanta.
Pats over Houston.
Denver over Baltimore.
San Francisco over Green Bay.

The SF / GB one is the hardest to pick. In the end, I’m just going for the team with home field advantage. But I might eat it on that one.

Alright that’s it. I’m out.

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