Valentine’s Day at The Punch Line

I’m at the San Francisco Punch Line tonight for their super-special valentines day show: tickets

My good friend Joe Tobin will be there performing as well, presumably with his shirt ticket into his jeans (he’s been into that lately).

I did all my personal Valentines Day stuff with my girlfriend the past two days. Day one was flowers and chocolate. Yesterday I cooked dinner. I like this whole spreading things out thing better, to be honest. Also, flowers are way cheaper on February 12 than they are in the 14th.

Also, if you have a girlfriend and she says don’t do anything for her for valentines day because she hates the holiday, buy her flowers, chocolate, and cook her dinner. Maybe she does hate the holiday but she loves the shit out of instagramming the stuff you did and showing it off to her friends. Remember, it’s part “I love you” and part “fuck those bitches”.



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