I like playing guitar more than live-tweeting the oscars

Comedian Joe Tobin very kindly offered to have me come over and live-tweet the oscars with him tonight. If you don’t know Joe, he’s a solid comedian, football fan and accomplished guitarist who also makes great chili. And while I would normally take Joe up on this offer (it came with the promise of food) I had to decline. I’m recording some rock-n-roll today with my band and probably won’t be done until the last millionaire has collected their undeserved statuette. So apologies to Joe and to our comedy careers, our absent tweets will probably do us in as Bay Area comedians. Also, I’m gonna miss out on a hell of a casserole.

*i may still live tweet the oscars while not actually watching them. My twitter handle is @realmattmorales

Chinese New Year

I went to the Chinese New Year parade for the first time ever last night. We all know that there is a big parade, but did you know there’s tons of fireworks that are sold for pennies on the dollar and then ignited on the street? It’s true! Now for those of you who don’t know, fireworks are illegal to sell and use in San Francisco (outside of city-approved and paid-for displays, like NYE). But in Chinatown? Fuck it! Load up on the shit and dance through it.


And don’t forget pop pops. Those little annoying poppers are everywhere and they are 5 boxes for a dollar! Fun for adults and children alike.

pop pops


I’m doing two shows in the mission on Saturday. 8pm at the cynic cave and 10pm at the dark room. The dark room show might sell out, tickets here

So there you go. Go see my shows. Follow me on twitter. Listen to my band so you can get excited about the song I’m recording today. Then get more people into it and form a cult similar to Juggalos and have a dirty white person festival to celebrate my work. Whatever.

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