And a special thanks to Slidell…

So these past few days have been pretty awesome. Doing the Late Late Show was a great experience and the positive response from everybody has been amazing. Thanks to Craig, Phil, Bart and all the people at the Late Late Show who gave me the opportunity, Molly and the Punch Line and Jamie and the Hollywood Improv for giving me stage time, Kevin Shea for housing me in LA, and Ryan Stout for his sound advice after I ate it the night before taping.

I’d also like to express an extra-special thanks to my friends from Slidell. I was uncertain of how everyone would react to hearing someone call their hometown a piece of crap (and obviously I didn’t care because I said it anyway). Thankfully, instead of burning my effigy in the streets of Olde Town, my old friends and acquaintances responded by congratulating me and then posting and re-posting my set on Facebook and Twitter over and over again. There’s nothing better than a crowd that can take a joke, and you guys were one hell of a crowd. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

– Matt

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