48 Hours!

I was wondering if comics truly use their personal websites for anything more than placeholders to direct traffic to social media websites. The answer? Yes, except for me. So I’m going to use social media to track back to this post – take that me! Truth is I have a bunch of stuff going on in the next 48 hours and its too much to list on twitter. So I’m back to my neglected blog to give write out all the goods. Here we go.

TONIGHT, Wednesday November 20th.

I’m at the Sacramento Punch Line middling for my pal Reggie Steele. My other pal Marcella Arguello is opening. If you live in that part of town I defy you to find a better time in Arden Fair for $15 and walking distance from a Sleep Train. Tickets: http://punchlinesac.com/event/1C004B31E0379525


1. I’m doing a benefit for spinal cord injuries and I’m really glad to be a part of it. I haven’t done a benefit in a while, probably not since last year, and its always a great feeling. This will be in SF at the Barrel House and tickets can be purchased here: http://www.juliasmiracle.com/


Sal Calanni and I filmed a short last year as a pitch for a travel show. It was rejected. This Thursday, however, it rises from the ashes and will be screened at The Roxie Theater as part of the Festival of the Moving Image! Take that Hollywood! The screening is at 7pm, which means Sal and I won’t be there. Why? We are both performing at the aforementioned benefit, that’s why. We do intent to be at the after party at the Pork Store, however, so if you come check out our film be sure to tell us how much you liked it / hated it while we drink and wait for people to notice us. Info and tickets here: https://www.facebook.com/festivalofthemovingimage

Ok, that’s it for now. See you in 3 months.


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