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Cynic Cave 2-Year Anniversary Saturday 7/12


If you missed me at the Cynic Cave last night, well, you missed out. It was a great show with great comics and Trevor Hill did a hall-of-fame worthy job of hosting/running it. You’re life could have changed.

Good news – you’ve got a second chance. The Cynic Cave is having their 2-Year Anniversary show on Saturday and I’ll be there for the 8-10pm show. The best part is that this is a marathon/fundraiser for Lost Weekend Video, so you’re ticket goes to keeping the venue alive and the show lasts until 4am (I’ll be in bed by that time, but only because I’m old and lame). Tickets are available here:


I freelance edit and design motion graphics when I’m not consumed with death anxiety or chronic IBS and sometimes I get to work on some really fun projects. Below is my most recent, a pilot for Travis Irvine’s Overbite Pictures called “Congressdude”. I designed all of the Fox News style graphics that you see at the beginning. Check it out:

HOB in NOLA, January 2

Hey everybody, I’m here in Slidell, Louisiana, clacking away at Dad’s computer while he and my mom prefer to work on the garden with the The Gardening Hub tools, growing flowers and decorating it with glow in the dark rocks amazon I got them online. I’ll be in my favorite place to be for New Years Eve tomorrow: New Orleans. Its my 3rd year in a row celebrating the New Year in that city and it still hasn’t become old. Usually I leave the Big Easy to head back to San Francisco on January 1rst but since things fell mid-week this time around I’m staying until the 3rd, which means I’m in town for Leon Blanda’s show at the House of Blues on Thursday, January 2nd!

Show starts at 8pm and will be in the Voodoo Garden unless it rains. Then it will be at another part of the House of Blues. Just ask someone when you get there. Say something like, “Hey, were da comedy show at?” And they’ll point you in the right direction. Just show up at 225 Decatur St in New Orleans at 8pm on Thursday night and you’ll figure it out.

And a special thanks to Slidell…

So these past few days have been pretty awesome. Doing the Late Late Show was a great experience and the positive response from everybody has been amazing. Thanks to Craig, Phil, Bart and all the people at the Late Late Show who gave me the opportunity, Molly and the Punch Line and Jamie and the Hollywood Improv for giving me stage time, Kevin Shea for housing me in LA, and Ryan Stout for his sound advice after I ate it the night before taping.

I’d also like to express an extra-special thanks to my friends from Slidell. I was uncertain of how everyone would react to hearing someone call their hometown a piece of crap (and obviously I didn’t care because I said it anyway). Thankfully, instead of burning my effigy in the streets of Olde Town, my old friends and acquaintances responded by congratulating me and then posting and re-posting my set on Facebook and Twitter over and over again. There’s nothing better than a crowd that can take a joke, and you guys were one hell of a crowd. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

– Matt

I like playing guitar more than live-tweeting the oscars

Comedian Joe Tobin very kindly offered to have me come over and live-tweet the oscars with him tonight. If you don’t know Joe, he’s a solid comedian, football fan and accomplished guitarist who also makes great chili. And while I would normally take Joe up on this offer (it came with the promise of food) I had to decline. I’m recording some rock-n-roll today with my band and probably won’t be done until the last millionaire has collected their undeserved statuette. So apologies to Joe and to our comedy careers, our absent tweets will probably do us in as Bay Area comedians. Also, I’m gonna miss out on a hell of a casserole.

*i may still live tweet the oscars while not actually watching them. My twitter handle is @realmattmorales

Chinese New Year

I went to the Chinese New Year parade for the first time ever last night. We all know that there is a big parade, but did you know there’s tons of fireworks that are sold for pennies on the dollar and then ignited on the street? It’s true! Now for those of you who don’t know, fireworks are illegal to sell and use in San Francisco (outside of city-approved and paid-for displays, like NYE). But in Chinatown? Fuck it! Load up on the shit and dance through it.


And don’t forget pop pops. Those little annoying poppers are everywhere and they are 5 boxes for a dollar! Fun for adults and children alike.

pop pops


I’m doing two shows in the mission on Saturday. 8pm at the cynic cave and 10pm at the dark room. The dark room show might sell out, tickets here

So there you go. Go see my shows. Follow me on twitter. Listen to my band so you can get excited about the song I’m recording today. Then get more people into it and form a cult similar to Juggalos and have a dirty white person festival to celebrate my work. Whatever.

Valentine’s Day at The Punch Line

I’m at the San Francisco Punch Line tonight for their super-special valentines day show: tickets

My good friend Joe Tobin will be there performing as well, presumably with his shirt ticket into his jeans (he’s been into that lately).

I did all my personal Valentines Day stuff with my girlfriend the past two days. Day one was flowers and chocolate. Yesterday I cooked dinner. I like this whole spreading things out thing better, to be honest. Also, flowers are way cheaper on February 12 than they are in the 14th.

Also, if you have a girlfriend and she says don’t do anything for her for valentines day because she hates the holiday, buy her flowers, chocolate, and cook her dinner. Maybe she does hate the holiday but she loves the shit out of instagramming the stuff you did and showing it off to her friends. Remember, it’s part “I love you” and part “fuck those bitches”.



Comet Comedy Tomorrow

Going to be on the Comet Comedy show tomorrow:

Its one of a few shows I’ve been booked on recently that I’ve never done before. So far all of these new venues / showcases have been great, and I think this will be the same. Please come see me. It starts at 8:30. Its in the Marina. Please just fucking come see me.

It’s been a good month for shows all-around, to be honest. Red Scott’s room in the Financial District was solid. The Punch Line showcases have been great as usual. And last week’s Run Amok show was probably our best yet.

Ok I’ll stop blowing myself. Come see my show tomorrow. I lub you guys.

We’re all Good Here

Thanks to Red Scott for the set at Muphy’s Pub last night. Going to stop by 50 Mason tonight and then I’m on the showcase at the Punch Line this Sunday.

Next week is more music-centric. My band Run Amok is playing at SUBMission in San Francisco on Thursday the 17. Then we are recording a new tune with our favorite producer Steve Murr on Saturday. I’ll be back to telling dick jokes the following week.

I just found out Petaluma has a Batman. Yea. Some guy roams around its tiny, old-timey downtown with a Batman mask and what appears to be a black t-shirt and dickies. This makes me think of a couple of things. 1: I can’t overstate how glad I am I’m in a relationship. I could easily be San Francisco’s Batman, patrolling the Mission District and getting raped on occasion. But I’ve got a lady to spend time with. 2: I can’t stop laughing at the possibility of a follow up news report on this guy that announces he’s dead. Like, maybe he’d try to stop a real crime like a robbery and he gets shot. The image on the news is some dipshit in a costume crumbled on the ground wearing a Halloween mask. God, something might be wrong with me but I think that’s the funniest shit ever. I mean, I hope nothing bad actually happens to this guy. But fuck me, that would be a riot.

Time to call my picks for football this weekend.

Seattle over Atlanta.
Pats over Houston.
Denver over Baltimore.
San Francisco over Green Bay.

The SF / GB one is the hardest to pick. In the end, I’m just going for the team with home field advantage. But I might eat it on that one.

Alright that’s it. I’m out.

Yes, I still live here

Doing a set a Murphy’s Pub this Thursday. 217 Kearny in SF. Thanks to Red Scott for the set. Look him up. Funny guy. Red hair.

I moved back to San Francisco from Los Angeles in September, 2010. Two and a half years later, I’m still hearing this,

“Hey man, you live here?”

Truth be told, this is my fault. My gradual disappearance from the comedy scene started around May 2011. I had been on a tear since moving back; getting moved to feature at the Punch Line, doing the Bridgetown Festival, and generally just performing my ass off. Then, after a great set at The Business where I recounted my LA journey, I completely lost interest. After leaving Southern California, my attitude towards comedy was that I did it because I had something I wanted to say. I wasn’t chasing a career, just speaking my mind. After that set, I just didn’t feel like I had any stories worth telling anymore. Suddenly I hated performing. Sure, I did shows occasionally, but only ones that I was booked for and only if I was being paid. This became especially true when I started going back to school in January 2012. For the first time in ten years I was spending nights at home. I read a book. I watched movies I had always wanted to see. I spent time with my girlfriend, cooking meals and going to bars. I was pretty happy. No, scratch that, I was perfectly happy. And all the while everyone else just figured I still lived in LA.

But now I’m performing again. Why? Same reasons as before, because I want to. The specifics are different, this time around I’ve got more to prove. There are goals that I have that I won’t go into. I will say that one thing I’m looking to address is that question, “you still live here”?

I was asked that three times last night at the Punch Line. Kevin O’Shea had a great observation. I was asking him about places to grab sets. He mentioned that , “if you don’t do the shit, people forget you.” That was in between two “you still live here’s”? So I guess I’m back to doing rough rooms, performing for drunks and crackheads (this excludes the aforementioned show I’m doing for Red Scott. That show will be solid, Red is a good man. Red hair.)

Be willing to do shitty mics sounds like a weird New Years Resolution. But I’ve learned an important lesson recently. If you don’t leave your comfort zone, you can never grow creatively. And there’s nothing more uncomfortable than making people laugh in a room that smells like piss.