Nola, Sketchfest

So its been a pretty great last few weeks of 2014. I featured for my good friend Kevin Camia at the Punch Line right before Thanksgiving, did Jason Mack’s Real Live Comedians last week, and had a great time dropping in at the Punch last night after having some pre-show drinks at the soon-to-be closed Empress of China. Did I post any of this stuff to my website beforehand? NOPE. Its how I roll: lazy-as-fuck style. So to change that how about promoting my only New Orleans show of the year, Andrew Polk’s Comedy Beast. December 30th, 8:30pm, the special guests are going to be sick:


comedy beast


Then I’m lucky enough to be back in SF Sketchfest to start off the New Year. I have three great shows that I’m really excited about – SF SKETCHFEST SCHEDULE


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